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As a professional Habesha wedding photographer working worldwide, I am able to tailor your wedding wishes in a modern, creative and emotional way. Wedding photos should be as unique as your love. As an Habesha photographer, I do weddings Photos around the Globe. Whether Addis Abeba, London, Stockholm, Los Angeles and where you are right now.
So that your personal wedding reporter also meets the expectations, it is advisable to discuss everything in peace with a cup of coffee or a glass of sparkling wine. Through a good wedding planning, including the wedding reporter, you have your head free for your big day. As a wedding photographer, I turned your wishes with calm, creativity, attention to detail and the latest photo equipment.


Eritrea ናይ መርዓ ሰኣላይ – እንቓዕ ደሓን መጻእኩም ።
Ethiopia ፎቶ አንሺ
እንደ ሃኒቨር ባለ ሙያ የሠርግ ፎቶ አንሺ እንደመሆኔ መጠን የሠርጋችሁን ምኞቶች በዘመናዊ, በፈጠራ እና በስሜታዊ መንገድ ማስተካከል ችያለሁ. የሠርግ
ፎቶዎች እንደ የእርስዎ ፍቅር ልዩ መሆን አለባቸው. ፎቶግራፎችን በጀርመን እና በውጪ አገር ፎቶግራፍ እገለላለሁ. ሃምበርግ, ሙኒክ, ፓሪስ ወይም ታሂቲ :-).

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