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Habesha Photographer Dallas Texas

Habesha Photographer As a professional Habesha wedding photographer working worldwide, I am able to tailor your wedding wishes in a modern, creative and

Maternity Photos Dallas Texas

Maternity Photos Dallas Texas Lovely sunny sunday in winter, i had a pleasure having lovely photo session with my one of

Eritrean wedding in Houston

Eritrean Wedding in Houston Texas – Habesha Wedding

Elegant Habesha Affair – Yakob & Selams’ Splendid Two day Wedding

November 20th weekend in Houston,TX was the best weather for our clients two day wedding weekend extravaganza.

For the white wedding – simple & elegant decoration, Selam glowed in a classic strapless beaded ball gown, while Yakob wore a classic black jacket and black tie.

The next day, for the traditional Habesha affair, the bride was adorned in henna, gold jewelry, zuria and braids while the groom coordinated in white.

Both ceremonies were gorgeous, and decor was lovingly (and beautifully) done by the couple’s families.

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